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Introducing MonaLisa Sintered Stone Australia's  toughest, most durable & versatile slab panels.

Manufactured using the latest Italian-made equipment and under guiding principles of Italian design - the print quality is the highest possible with no noticeable digital printing artifacts such as pixel or stripes. The base layer or body identical to the surface material mass, making the slab panel perfect for use as steps, benchtops or areas of very high traffic. 

Whether its used to surface furniture, kitchens, bathrooms, internal walls & floors or even exterior walls, hotel lobby's or public spaces, Sintered Stone offers the application with enhanced physical properties compared to traditional materials. 

To the untrained eye, Sintered Stone is almost impossible to distinguish from real marble & natural stone. 

GHA grade resistance, zero penetration of chemical corrosion, resistance to solutions, disinfectants and other chemicals. Pure natural materials, NSF food-grade certification - safe to eat food directly from surface.

Sintered Stone is made of 100% natural minerals such as quartz and clay. The natural materials are fused together using a 16,800 ton press in a kiln fired to over 1200℃. The entire process is environmentally friendly and formaldehyde-free. The slabs are able to withstand extreme thermal shock and will not crack, deform, discolour or emit odor - even when subject to direct contact with hot objects or open flames over 2000°C!

Indoor &

wall & floor 








Sintered Stone
is superior to earlier generation stone products. Some of the most notable characteristics are:

  • Strong wear resistance
  • low radiation
  • low water absorption
  • acid and alkali resistance
  • high hardness
  • non-slip, antifreeze
  • 3D high definition surface
  • full-colour body


With a hardness of over six on the Mohs scale, MonaLisa Sintered Stone Slab are anti-scratch and almost nothing will leave a mark on the smooth surface. It is resistant to corrosion, such as bleaching powder, disinfectant, and other chemical solutions. This ensures the surface maintains its "brand new" look and significantly extends its service life.


The sintered slab can directly contact with the food, as it is composed of pure, 100%-natural materials and been tested and certified to food safety level. Slabs are high density with anti-permeability, so it is stain-resistant and can effectively reduce the breeding of bacteria providing a more hygienic solution for families with children. 


Sintered Stone effectively fights against ultraviolet rays and over 99% water absorption and is even frost resistant. It maintains colour without fade even after extended exposure to the elements. Wind, sun exposure and even sandstorms won't damage the surface making it a great option for exterior building facade cladding.


Sintered Stone carries an A1 fire-rating certification which means it is non-combustible. It remains intact and will not suffer from deformation, contraction, cracking, and discoloration or any other physical deformation even when subject to direct contact with extremely hot objects or open flames up to 2000℃.. 


The non-porous surface structure and low water absorption of the slab makes cleaning a breeze. Wiping down with warm water is sufficient to keep the surface clean and sanitary. There is no other special maintenance requirements for the lifetime of the product - no sealing, no polishing, nothing - ever.


Sintered Stone Slabs are made to different sizes, textures, and colors and surface finishes. Slabs are available up to 1600x3600mm currently, which not only speeds up the installation process but also enhances the overall appearance of the finished surface. This means huge expanses of marble look benchtops or walls with no join lines or grout giving the appearance of being carved out from gigantic slabs of stone.


Sintered stone can provide innovative elements to architectural decoration design. Variety styles of formats, details, colors, textured surfaces can inspire creativity, to make panels for patio, fireplace, TV/Home/Feature wall backdrop and many other unique applications.


Sintered stone is lighter than the natural stone of the same size, but it doesn't mean the sintered stone is inferior in terms of quality, strength or durability . Conversely, the advanced manufacturing process guarantees superior toughness and guaranteed 25+ year lifespan.

Thickness Weight Surface
90 kg
Polished Matt


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