Sintered Stone | Large Format Slab Panel | 760x2550x13.5mm | Pietra Grey

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Sintered Stone Pietra Grey 76-255DB13208M

To the untrained eye, sintered stone is almost impossible to distinguish from natural stone.


Imagine a tiled space with virtually no grout lines. Imagine limitless possibilities for your surfaces and unparalleled flexibility for any kind of applications. Sintered Stone Slab Tiles are available in 2 thicknesses and a wide range of finishes and sizes.

Sintered Stone is superior to earlier generation stone products. Some of the most remarkable characteristics are:

  • Weatherproof - unaffected by extremes - heat or cold
  • Waterproof - almost 0% absorption
  • Stain Proof
  • Almost impossible to scratch
  • Easy to clean
  • Food safe and hygienic
  • Non-porous – doesn’t need sealing - ever.

Monalisa Group Co., Ltd,owns two brands as Monalisa and QD, products  including ceramic tiles


With a hardness of over six on the Mohs scale, the sintered stone slab features anti-scratch and won't leave a scar on the smooth surface. It is resistant to corrosion, such as bleaching powder, disinfectant, and other chemical solutions. Significantly extend its service life.


The sintered slab can directly contact with the food, as it is derived from 100% pure natural materials and has reached the food safety level. It is high density with anti-permeability, so it is stain-resistant and can effectively reduce the breeding of bacteria, to ensure the sintered slate will never deteriorate.


The sintered slab can effectively fight against ultraviolet rays, as it is equipped with water penetration, heat insulation, and frost resistance. Meanwhile, it can maintain the color continuity without fade under long-time wind and sun exposure, a great option for exterior building material.


The sintered slab is classified as A1 fire-rating products which means it is non-combustible. When it directly contact high-temperature objects, there will be no deformation, no physical changes such as contraction, cracking, and discoloration, and no gas or smell in the 2000 ℃ (3632°F) open flame.


The clean of the slab surface is convenient due to its non-porous structure and low water absorption. Warm water wiping or cleaning is sufficient to keep the surface clean and sanitary. Generally, there is no other special maintenance requirement at a high cost.


The sintered slab can be made of different sizes, textures, and colors, polished or matt, etc. The size of the sintered slab finish is available up to 1600x3600mm at present, which can not only speed up the installation process but also enhance the visual effect and upgrade the sense of space. It means huge expanses of marble benchtops or walls with no join lines or grout with the appearance of being carved from a single, gigantic slab.  


Sintered stone can provide innovative elements to architectural decoration design. Variety styles of formats, details, colors, textured surfaces can inspire creativity, to make panel joints, patio, fireplace, TV/Home/Hotel backdrop, and other scenarios more unique.


Sintered stone is lighter than the natural stone of the same size, but it doesn't mean the sintered stone is of poor quality or unreliable. Conversely, the manufacturing process can guarantee its hardness and long-lasting lifespan.

Thickness Weight Surface
160 kg

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