Sintered Stone

We supply and install pre-made and custom quartz, porcelain and Sinistered Stone Slabs to suit kitchens, bathrooms, building facades, fire places & much more.

Quartz Slabs (CaesarStone, RHF Stone etc)

Quartz-based slabs are quality stone manufactured with quartz crystal, resin and pigment and hardened into fixed thickness products though high temperature, high pressure material aggregation technology. RHF Quartz Stone purchased from GBWarehouse includes 15 years warranty.

Sintered Stone / Porcelain Slabs are the latest in stone benchtop technology. Sintered Stone is the optimum surfacing material for both indoor and outdoor applications. From a skyscraper façade to a kitchen worktop, Sintered Stone’s physical and mechanical characteristics deliver ultimate performance, unmatched beauty and long-term value. > Learn More