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Super Slim Slab Tiles

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What is a Super-Slim porcelain tile?

Super Slim or "Thin-Body" porcelain tiles are light weight but extra-strong and require significantly less material and energy to produce than an equivalent standard thickness porcelain tiles which makes them easier to handle and kinder to the environment. Thin porcelain tiles can make a significant contribution to best practice in sustainable design.

Are thinner tiles more likely to break than standard porcelain tiles?

No, in fact, Super Slim Tiles have been independently tested to be more than twice as strong as equivalent standard porcelain tiles. This is due to the high quality materials used to make Super Slim porcelain tiles and the manufacturing process. 

Ordinary porcelain tiles are produced using an extrusion manufacturing process where as Mona Lisa 5.5mm Super-Slim tiles pressed under 16,800 tonnes deliver highest density, toughest and most break-resistant product in its class.

The advanved technology manufacturing process translates to superior physical  characteristics generally including reduced water-absorption, more weather-resistant and dimensional more accurate with size variance of +/- 1mm.

Are Super-Slim porcelain tiles suitable for walls and floors?

Yes, Mona Lisa 5.5mm Super Slim Slab Tiles are suitable for use on both walls and floors. They have been tested for slip resistance using the more accurate pendulum test and values for all tiles and finishes are available upon request.

Do Super-Slim tiles comply with current Australian building and safety standards?

Yes, all our porcelain tiles are rigorously tested and comply or often exceed current standards.  Data and detailed test results can be provided upon request via our contact us page. 

Can Super Slim tiles be used out doors?

Yes, these tiles will not fade in direct sunlight and are resistant to heat and frost.  Our porcelain tiles may be used for patio’s, gardens and even to clad the outside of buildings. Furthermore, the incredibly low water absorption rate of our ultra-thin porcelain tiles means that they are suitable for use in swimming pools and wet areas.  Keep in mind that all tiles intended for use on floors should have a slip resistance of at least 36 or greater. 

Are Super-Slim porcelain tiles suitable for use with underfloor heating systems?

Yes, porcelain tiles are a great conductor of heat and Porcel-Thin tiles are perfectly suited for use with both wet and dry underfloor heating systems.  Being ultra-thin, our porcelain tiles allow underfloor heating systems to heat up faster and require around a third less energy to reach working temperature, improving the response time of your heating system and saving you money.

Can Super-Slim tiles be installed over existing tiles?

Yes, providing that the existing tiles are sound and are adequately bonded to the wall.  The tiles must be clean and free from contaminates and a suitable priming agent should be applied to the existing tiles prior to over tiling. 

Is it possible to order samples of Super-Slim porcelain slab tiles?

Yes, samples are available via post however these are small cuts and not representative of of the overall product due to the nature of marble stone faces. We highly recommend visiting our main showroom located in Doveton, Victoria. Due to the size and weight of large slab panels we recommend interstate customers contact us to discuss delivery options. Currently, we deliver throughout Victoria and offer shipping for commercial projects located in NSW and QLD.     

Where can I buy Super-Slim porcelain slab tiles from?

All our products can be purchased via our website or in-store.  

Can you recommend a tiler with experience to install?

Yes, we can provide details of accredited trades trained and experienced installing our range of slab tiles. Details available upon request.  

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Installation Method

Working with Thin format porcelain tiles could not be easier. Porcelain tiles are generally harder and more durable than ceramic products and some people believe that this makes them harder to cut and shape. This is not the case with Super-Slim Panels, although it is indeed an incredibly strong solid porcelain tile, with the correct tiling tools and knowledge thin tiles can be easily cut, drilled and shaped for a perfect finish every time.

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